Vegas Vic

Another name for Vegas is “City of Lights” — probably because there is no shortage of amazing lights throughout the city. In fact, from space, Las Vegas appears as one of the brightest cities on Earth. It is brighter than LA and Tokyo and ALMOST as bright as New York. That MUST be some powerRead More

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The Bellagio Fountains

Imagine standing in front of a man-made lake with fountains and then suddenly you hear the first notes of some familiar music and then the fountains explode into light and color and keep in time with the music you can hear. Well, if you are in Las Vegas then you don’t have to imagine itRead More

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The Mob Museum

Have you heard of The Natural History Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Los Angeles Museum of Art and the Getty Center? Probably. Have you heard of the Mob Museum? Maybe. Will you get an education at all of these places? Definitely. While in New York or LA, you will want to visit someRead More

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Death Valley Wildflowers Are the Thing to See this Spring

Springtime in the desert often means wildflowers, and this year is one of the best ever for flower hunters. The New York Times has run an article telling us what we already knew: that Death Valley is seeing a “Superbloom” of wildflowers this year. Record rain last fall has brought the adage “April showers meanRead More

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Discover the Old Mormon Fort!

Many people are surprised about the history of Las Vegas. While it is known today as Sin City where anything goes, it is hard to believe that some of its earliest settlers weren’t exactly looking for an all night party. So while we keep most of “what happens in Vegas, in Vegas” today, it isRead More

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Las Vegas Welcome Sign

All around the United States there are iconic signs that, once you see them, you know you are headed in the right direction. And if you are headed to Las Vegas, then you need to look out for the “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign and you know you have arrived! This iconic sign was madeRead More

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See the Gold Rush at Eldorado Ghost Town in Nevada

The Nevada of today isn’t much different from the Nevada of the past. For over 100 years, people have flocked to the State seek riches. The biggest difference is instead of fighting off indians and surviving days-long desert journeys, now you can stay in a fancy hotel with room service. While we appreciate the amenitiesRead More

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Las Vegas — More Than Casinos

People who ask me about Vegas almost always believe this city is just about the Strip, the hotels, the casinos. I always tell them it’s so much more than that — in fact, locals rarely go to those places. Most striking of Vegas’s charms are the varied outdoor opportunities. Rock climbing is a thing hereRead More

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Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam tour
The Wonder of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and nothing can adequately replace seeing it in person. It is one complete mile of layers of rock spanning literally billions of years. As you stand by the rim, the bottom rock layers date back almost 2 BILLION yearsRead More

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