Oatman Ghost Town

See Three Ghosts Towns of the Old Wild West

Before people flocked to casinos to find riches in Nevada, they came here for the gold and silver mines. We take you to three towns that popped up during the gold rush and died just as fast — leaving ghost towns for us to exlore. In five hours we take you to Chloride and Oatman in Arizona, and El Dorado in Nevada. On the way you’ll get a great photo op of Hoover Dam and miles and miles of desert mountains and classic scenery. Don’t forget we have free WiFi and DVD movies for your convenience during the drives. See all this just like you’ve seen in old westerns — only in one of our comfortable vans, not a dusty old horse!

Step Into the Wild West


See the silver mining town that peaked in the 1870s and was home to 72 mines. It features a main street straight out of the movies and quirky locals who create yard art.


Walk through this charming main street with wild burros, shootouts, and old-time saloons. Oatman was once a favorite spot of Clark Gable, and its hotel is said to be hauntd by the ghost of an Irish miner and none other than Gable himself. As a bonus, Oatman is located on the old Route 66!

El Dorado

The home of the oldest and richest gold mine in the area and is located in a gorgeous canyon. Gold was first discovered by Spaniards in 1775, but the gold rush that made the town didn't come until the 1880s. El Dorado was possibly the most "Wild" of these wild west towns, with murder being a common was to settle disputes. It now has tours of the old mine.


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