The Mob Museum

Have you heard of The Natural History Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Los Angeles Museum of Art and the Getty Center? Probably. Have you heard of the Mob Museum? Maybe. Will you get an education at all of these places? Definitely. While in New York or LA, you will want to visit some of the lauded museums that we mentioned above. But when you are in Vegas, the Mob Museum is the place to go.

Technically it is called The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. But calling it The Mob Museum (as it is referred to) is so much fun (and really makes you feel like you are in Vegas). The Mob Museum is dedicated to featuring the artifacts, stories, and history of organized crime in the United States, as well as the actions and initiatives by law enforcement to prevent such crimes. The Museum is housed in the former Las Vegas Post Office and Courthouse, which was built in 1933 and sold to the city of Las Vegas by the Federal government for $1. We know what you are thinking – the Federal government selling a building for a dollar? We don’t get to see those buildings on the MLS. But, of course, it had a caveat — the building had to be restored to its original look and be used for a cultural purpose which came to a cost of around $50 million (yikes).

If you are a history buff or a person who follows trials closer than some attorneys then you will love the centerpiece of the museum which is the 2nd floor courtroom which was the actual location of one of fourteen national Kefauver Committee hearings to expose organized crime held in 1950 and 1951. If you don’t mind a little gore then you can also see the blood-stained wall where the Saint Valentines Day Massacre took place. Creepy and interesting at the same time.

While the main part of the exhibition has Mob-related photos that explain the parties involved and the significance of the images, there are also some fun interactive portions of the museum that anyone would enjoy. You can touch and “pretend” to shoot an actual Tommy gun, line up behind one-way glass or play a table game with other patrons betting virtual money. You can also sit in an actual electric chair. which we are assuming is a very novel experience for all of the guests at the mob museum. You can also view a lot of pictures, some of a very graphic nature so if you have a queasy stomach we suggest eat AFTER you visit the museum or you might want to “fughettaboutit” until another day. Rather than a celebration of the Mob itself, it also shows the history of how law enforcement tirelessly chased many of these criminals and tried to bring them to justice.

The Mob Museum is just another way to enjoy all that Vegas has to offer. If you have an extra 3 hours and can pull yourself away from the tables, this might be the activity you are looking for.

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